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Introducing citeulike group on microbiology of the built environment (w/ instructions) #microBEnet

For those interested in anything to do with microbiology of the built environment, we have created a citeulike group on this topic.  If you are not familiar with citeulike, it is in essence a social reference management system where people can share and organize references (and even papers on top of the references in some cases).  One nice feature of citeulike is that it allows a group of people to collect, curate, share, and discuss references on a particular topic.

To get started with citeulike the best thing to do is to create an account.  If you do not have an account go to http://www.citeulike.org and select one of the join options (you can join with an email address or join via a facebook account).  Joining is free.

Once you join you can upload your own reference collections (e.g., Endnote libraries) and you can also join groups, like the one we have made.  To join our group, go to the group page and there should be a line “You are not currently a member of this group. Join.” Select join and you should be able to become a member.

Once you join the group you can not only see what other group members are adding to the group but you can contribute yourself.  We hope people will add references to the collection and even add tags that help with sorting and searching the collection.  There are a few different ways to add references to the collection.  One of the easiest is to install a “Add to citeulike” button on your web browser and then, when you are at a site that has some reference (e.g., like Pubmed), if you click on your browser button it should launch a citeulike menu.   To get one of the buttons go here.   Then when you see a paper of relevance to microBEnet you can add it to the library and help everyone out.

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