Live/Dead Workshop, UC Davis, 5-13-15 to 5-14-15

Information relevant to the Live/Dead Workshop being held at UC Davis from 5-13-15 to 5-14-5.   The purpose of this workshop is to discuss and hear presentations related to the question of live/dead and viability determination in microbial ecology.   Follow along with #liveordead on Twitter.    Here’s the agenda and a list of people attending the workshop.


Wednesday May 13


8:30 AM       Coffee and tea

9:00 AM       David Coil (UC Davis)

“Introduction to the Workshop”


“Roundtable introductions”

10:00 AM      Coffee break

10:30 AM      Parag Vaishampayan (JPL)

New perspectives on viable microbial communities in low-biomass cleanroom environments”

Ivan G. Paulino-Lima (NASA-Ames)

“Use of cell staining techniques to study radiation resistance of uncultivated microorganisms.”

Discussion until lunchtime

12:00 PM      Lunch (Zia’s Deli) in outside courtyard

1:00 PM       Andreas Nocker (Cranfield University)

Practical tips to improve viability PCR”

Nicolas Justice (LBNL)

“A high-throughput method for absolute quantification of microbial community dynamics using next generation sequencing”

                    Tiffany Hsu (Harvard School of Public Health)

                    “Using PMA assays and sequencing to differentiate live/dead bacteria on a mass transit system.”

2:30 PM      Coffee and tea break

3:00 PM      Erica Hartmann/Clarisse Betancourt Román (BioBE Center, University of Oregon)

“Live/dead determination in dust with flow cytometry and PMA”

Joanne Emerson (University of Arizona)

                    “Pros and cons of using flow cytometry and qPCR to count bacteria and fungi in air samples”

Gary Anderson/Cinta Silvan (LBNL)

                    “RNA as a proxy for metabolic activity”

4-5 PM       Discussion as needed

7:00 PM      Dinner: Village Pizza


Thursday May 14


8:30 AM       Coffee and tea

9:00 AM       David/Parag: Summary of Day 1

Review paper hackathon

10:30 AM      Coffee break

11-12 AM      Review paper hackathon

12:00 PM      Lunch (Zia’s Deli) in outside courtyard

Officially over after lunch.



Bubba Brooks  (UC Berkeley)

Rachel Adams (UC Berkeley)

Curtis Huttenhower (Harvard School of Public Health)

Parag Vaishampayan (JPL)

David Coil (UC Davis)

Gary Andersen (LBNL)

Cinta Gomez-Silvan (LBNL)

Erica Hartmann (BioBE Center, University of Oregon)

Despoina Lymperopoulou (UC Berkeley)

Tiffany Hsu (Harvard School of Public Health)

Nicolas Justice (LBNL)

Joanne Emerson (University of Arizona)

Zachery Lewis (UC Davis)

Andreas Nocker (Cranfield University)

Lynn Rothschild (NASA-Ames)

Holly Ganz (UC Davis)

Katie Dahlhausen (UC Davis)

Jenna Lang (UC Davis)

Alana Firl (UC Davis)

Ivan Glacio (NASA-Ames)

Julia Luongo (University of Colorado)

Clarisse Betancourt Román (BioBE Center, University of Oregon)

Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis)