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Making tables in LaTeX

I’m working on a manuscript where we analyze OTU co-occurrence patterns using network analyses as well as the traditional approaches (ordination, alpha diversity, etc.). This means that we have to include some equations in our methods and so for the first time, I am using Authorea and LaTeX. I am getting used to working with the Authorea interface and have found them very responsive when I have encountered problems (like a bug that prevented any changes from being saved). We made some really big tables to describe some of the clusters that we identified with the network analysis. While editing them, I found myself thinking there had to be better approaches for how to make or import tables into LaTeX. And so I asked our friends on Twitter for suggestions. I found their responses very helpful and am sharing them here in my first Storify. I welcome your advice and suggestions.


Holly Ganz

Holly Ganz is a project scientist at UC Davis working with Jonathan Eisen on the microbiomes of built environments where animals live.

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