Microbiology Blogs

We have compiled a list of blogs that focus on microbiology or have a reasonable number of posts about microbiology.  I compiled a list on my Tree of Life blog mostly in response to a comment at the ASM Meeting in 2012 from someone on the ASM Communications Committee who thought there would only be a small number worth looking at.  I assert said person was completely wrong.  If you know of any others please suggest in comments.

If you’d like to subscribe to these en masse, and you’re down with OPML, you can download an OMPL file of the entire list.

Microbiology Blogroll

28 thoughts on “Microbiology Blogs

  1. Very nice…

    Fantastic list! I was already following a few of these, but didn’t realise how many I was missing.

    I suppose I should offer my own infrequent blog too – http://www.microbites.org/

    I have 9 months off now while I save up for my Msc in Infection Biology, so expect more content and discussion of primary research papers.

  2. Nice……Current microbiology research, new and forthcoming publications, forthcoming conferences, hot research topics, high impact publications in microbiology, molecular biology and PCR. horizonpress.com/blogger