Videos of talks from “Microbiomes of the Built Environment: From Research to Application”

On April 11 there was a meeting in Washington DC that was part of an effort from a new study being conducted by the National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering on “Microbiomes of the Built Environment”.  Videos and slides from the meeting have now been posted.  I have compiled them below.

In addition, I made a word cloud using “Wordle” of the main text in the Agenda document describing the “Project Prospectus” of the working group.  I think it sums up things pretty well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.05.35 AM




Full playlist of all the talks:

Sponsor Presentations

Paula Olsiewski, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Slides.

Laura Kolb, U.S. EPA

Tina Bahadori, U.S. EPA

David Tomko, NASA.  Slides.

Lisa Chadwick, NIEHS

Sponsor Q&A Panel

Individual Talks

Gary Andersen — What makes the built microbiome unique? Slides.

Jelena Srebric — Ventilation, Occupants, and the Microbiome. Slides.

Benjamin Kirkup — Built Environment Microbiome and Health. Slides.

Amy Pruden — Understanding Microbiomes in Water. Slides.

Speaker Q&A Panel

General discussion


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