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Moldy wallpaper study getting some press.

OK – I am not really sure how much of this is new, but a new paper in AEM is getting some press recently.

I first found out about it via a Tweet from Elisabeth Bik

Wallpaper May Breed Toxins: Study

Wallpaper may contribute to “sick building syndrome,”https://t.co/GdVUNBCYha

— Elisabeth Bik (@MicrobiomDigest) June 25, 2017

Sick Building Syndrome: Fungi Can Squirt Toxins Directly Into Air, Study Finds

Source: This mold study may help explain some causes of sick building syndrome. By Maggie Fox.

Basically what appears to be new is the following:

The team first grew the three fungi on ordinary wallpaper, and then tested to see if the toxins they produce could get into the air without some sort of interference, such as tearing down walls.

“We demonstrated that mycotoxins could be transferred from a moldy material to air, under conditions that may be encountered in buildings,” Bailly said in a statement.

This is not really my area of expertise so maybe other people who work on this topic or related topics can chime in.

Link to the paper: Aerosolization of mycotoxins after growth of toxinogenic fungi on wallpaper

Like this:



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